Why I am Passionate about Culture, Access and Communication

For a very long time I was “the kid” speaking honestly about my individual experiences for two primary reasons:
1) to save my own life
2) to find those who could hear me and acknowledge what I was saying, with a sense of safety, respect, and unconditional love.

Since age seven, as part of what is a life-long and life-saving will-to-survive, my own searches for well-being, have been and are allied with art. Art in many forms from dance to music to visual expression has allowed me to stand within, and grow into defining who/what I truly am. Defining the value of my own sense of self, versus having one’s spirit sucked out, when too young to understand there are options to defend one’s self, or to have the right to the soul’s own choices in this life.

Now, as a midlife adult I post the above video of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, speaking at TedTalk. She is a righteous pediatrician on the front lines of community healthcare in a major U.S. metropolitan city on the West Coast, and her voice, steeped in committed experience is confirming.

Watch this video and let it move you to action. Action that works for you to participate in support of raising us all up, no matter the scale of that participation. Let the reactionism and naysaying run its course out of earshot, don’t let that on-going toxic unconsciousness hurt your heart anymore.

My post-Baccalaureat project- the ARt project, joins in as a very motivated approach to this reality change, coincidently and so directly described by Dr. Burke Harris. Since graduating last June, I continue to pursue the realization of the ARt project vision with my sleeves rolled up. Because as the most excellent Dr. says, this is a reality change that involves us all. “The single most important thing we need today is the courage to look this problem in the face and say this is real and this is all of us.” -Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Participating in this reality change from the cultural side, reflects a lifetime thus far of handbuilding personal agency into an evolving career path in the arts, in community access, in building national aesthetic identity participation. I am not only a culture hound, an artist, an artist-researcher, I am a project director, participating in the massive 21st c cultivation of opening access between community cultures, through the use of mobile technology.

Within the ARt project goals are: to make our public, community-sized, cultural resources much more accessible. Accessible within community to enhance cultural climate-building through free choice learning. Accessible community learning that translates more directly into both the quality and the breadth of life enriching results. And integrated results, benefitting everyone throughout our community culture(s), without exception.

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